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Gigi Maguire Biography: Age, Birthplace, Zodiac Sign, family, Net-worth & Career

Gigi Maguire is an internet personality. She is famous for her dance and internet podcasts. Gigi Maguire is the co-host of the Lip service podcast with Angela Yee. Her performances make her the talk of the town. She started her career as a pole dancer and later became a pole dance instructor for young girls.

She has also appeared in a web series called P-valley. A well-known podcast host, Gigi Maguire, was born in the United States on May 23, 1979. One of the voices on the well-liked Lip Service podcast by Angela Yee is that of the podcast host. She has amassed over 125,000 followers on Instagram alone, demonstrating her enormous rise in popularity on social media. Gemini is Gigi Maguire’s zodiac sign, according to astrologers.



In high school, Gigi Maguire specialized in dance. She began as a stripper, but her desire wasn’t always to become one. That is why she relocated to Georgia to work as a waitress. She had approximately seven years of experience or training at Atlanta’s Magic City. Now she owns the company PoleFanAddicts Inc. and is also a licensed pole dance teacher.

Currently, Gigi works as a bartender at King of Diamonds Atlanta and Rain Gentlemen’s Club. Beyond the Pole on WinTV’s second season featured her. Six Atlanta strippers attempting to run a company off the pole are the subject of this reality television program.

Gigi Maguire Age and Early Life

Gigi Maguire was born on May 23, 1979, in the United States of America. She is a very famous podcast host and a very popular social media personality. Over 125k+ people follow her on Instagram.

Gigi Maguire was born in a humble family in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, united states. She went to Montessori Genesis II School and completed her graduation. Her birth name was KAFI. Later, she changed her name due to the issue of mispronunciation of her name. People used to mispronounce her name. She was introduced to dancing in school, and she learned dancing in high school.

Zodiac sign and Birthplace

Gigi was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, united states of America. She is currently settled in New York City, New York, United States. Her date of birth is May 23. According to the horoscope, her Zodiac sign is Gemini.


She has got very reasonable and sizeable height. She is 173 cm or 5ft 8in.


Her weight varies around 130n lb.

Gigi Maguire Family

She was one of the children who resembled her father. When she was little, Gigi described herself as “an ugly duckling,” She later said she was pleased to grow into her wide forehead and become a “beautiful swan.” Her Father’s name of her is Kenny Dixon Jr. The name of the mother of Gigi Maguire is Benita. She got two siblings, two sisters, Shanika and Tama. Her paternal grandfather made it to 96 years old. She also has a 1978-born nephew.


The question of her relationship with Gigi has always been the talk of the town. Once, she said in a podcast that she was dating someone special. The identity of her boyfriend has been kept extremely secret.

Once, Gigi uploaded a video on her Instagram account showing a ring with the caption, “he said he gonna keep me shining.”

Gigi Maguire has 2 babies. However, it is not clear that she married her baby’s father. She does not like to talk about her family life in her podcasts or front of the media.

The Sexual Orientation of Gigi Maguire

Gigi Maguire is straight. She is a straight woman and inclined and interested in men only.


Gigi has two beautiful daughters, Capri and Averie.


Maggie and Tyson, the latter of whom weigh 90 lbs (41 kg), are two of her dogs. Black was the name of a Maltese dog she previously had. She acquired a teacup poodle named Ladybug in April 2020.

Showbiz Life

Before upgrading to contact lenses, Gigi once claimed she had been “blind” since 1998 and wore glasses. She started pole dancing as her career. Later on, she started teaching pole dancing to young girls. She also appeared in a web series. P-Valley of stars. After that, her showbiz life, a life full of colors and glamour, started, and after that, she joined the lip service podcast on the internet. Although that was not Gigi’s original intention, she started stripping for money.


She moved to Atlanta, Georgia, to work at a strip club as a bartender. She understood that bartenders and dancers both earn a living mostly from tips, and she was aware that some guys had been known to spend between $10,000 and $15,000 just on drinks.

Before Stardom and Fame

She performed in dance for over six years at Atlanta’s Magic City until attending the Lip Service podcast.

Net-worth of Gigi Maguire

She has earned most of her wealth through business and club pole dance. Gigi Maguire is one of the wealthiest and most well-known podcast hosts. Our study of Gigi Maguire’s net worth from sources, including Business Insider and Forbes, indicates that it is roughly $4 million. Most of Gigi Maguire’s money has come from her efforts as a businesswoman, performer, speaker of the podcast, and Television personality.

Gigi Maguire allegedly made nearly $30,000 in less than half an hour on her farewell strip show. Her social media profiles also show that she leads a lavish lifestyle.

Gigi has made millions so far from her steadily expanding profession. Gigi Maguire’s estimated net worth as of 2022 is over $4 mill.


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