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Lakeisha Graham Age, Son, Net Worth, Husband & More!

Lakeisha Graham is a popular American entrepreneur, born in the year 1979. She is also working as a nurse’s assistant. Lakeisha is quite popular for her husband, Richard Williams. He is one of the most skilled tennis coaches that you can see out there in the world as of now.

Lakeisha Graham became quite popular after her marriage. That’s because she got married to the father of female tennis stars in the United States, who were Serena Williams and Venus Williams. However, the relationship didn’t last long. They got married to each other back in the year 2010. However, Lakeisha Graham has been dating Richard for quite some time. The marriage didn’t last for more than seven years.

Even if Lakeisha Graham is no longer with Richard, the popularity that she could earn by being with him is still there. As a result, most people are still curious to know about her. If you are reading this article, you would probably be one of them as well.

Lakeisha Graham age

Lakeisha Graham was born in 1979. As a result, Lakeisha Graham age as of now is 43 years. Her full name is Lakeshia Juanita Graham. However, the exact birthday of Lakeshia is not known. She was born within the United States. The exact place of birth is not known to the public. Even though Lakeisha Graham is an American citizen by birth, she is having an African American ethnicity.

Similar to the place of birth, childhood information and family information about Lakeisha Graham are not available on public as well. Hence, we will not be able to disclose more information about the parents or siblings of Lakeisha Graham. No matter what, it is possible to tell that she is well educated.

Lakeisha Graham job

As of now, Lakeisha Graham is an entrepreneur. Back in the day when Lakeisha Graham got married, she was a nurse’s assistant. Along with all the fame and popularity, she was opened up to a lot of opportunities.

To start the entrepreneurial venture, Lakeisha Graham recently established her own grocery shop. This grocery shop is currently selling fruits and vegetables. The location of this grocery shop is in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. It appears that Lakeisha Graham is quite happy with her business, and she enjoy what she is doing.

The son of Lakeisha Graham

Lakeisha Graham got married to Richard back in the year 2010. In fact, the news about their wedding was quite surprising. That’s because the couple had an age gap of 35 years at the time of getting married. However, they proved the fact that age is just a number at the time of getting married.

After marriage, Lakeisha Graham and her husband got a son named Dylan Starr Williams. It was possible to see the entire family going to public places back in the day. For example, they were seen during matches and other events.

When the couple separated in the year 2017, Lakeisha Graham decided to keep the son with her. The main reason why they got separated was because Richard was accusing his wife on an instance, where she forged his signature to transfer one of the properties. Moreover, he claimed that Lakeisha Graham has been cheating on him with other women. However, Lakeisha Graham was accusing Richard of physical abuse.

Lakeisha Graham net worth

As of now, Lakeisha Graham is having a net worth of around $1 million to $2 million. Based on what we can see, it appears that Lakeisha Graham is enjoying a luxurious and a lavish lifestyle. However, exact details with related to the income sources of Lakeisha Graham are not known public. It appears that she is earning quite a decent amount of money out of the grocery shop.

The ex-husband of Lakeisha Graham, Richard William has got a total net worth of around $20 million as of now. That’s because he had a really good career in working as a tennis coach. He is living his luxurious life separately.

Lakeisha Graham height

Lakeisha Graham has a well-built body. Her height is 5’ 6”. The weight of Lakeisha Graham is 54kg. For the height, she has got an average weight. As a result, she cannot be considered as an overweight person. One of the most impressive things about Lakeisha Graham is that she could properly maintain her body. She was very strict with her diet plan. On the other hand, she was focusing on regular workouts as well.

Another unique thing that you will notice about the appearance of Lakeisha Graham is her expressive dark brown colored eyes. She has got a beautiful smile as well. The African facial structure of Lakeisha Graham is quite prominent. In general, Lakeisha Graham has got a bold and a strong personality.

Why did Lakeisha Graham divorce from Richard Williams?

Lakeisha Graham and Richard Williams were living happily until the year 2017. However, Richard came out all of a sudden and stated that he is going to file for his divorce. The initial claim that he mentioned was that Lakeisha has been tool alcoholic.

Moreover, Lakeisha Graham said that she has been using his signature without her permission on social security checks. Likewise, she has also transferred a property and got a mortgage by forging his signature. Lakeisha had some claims against her husband as well. No matter how conflicting the situation was, both of them took appropriate measures to make sure that their child doesn’t go through any struggles.

Social media presence of Lakeisha Graham

Even though Lakeisha Graham is quite a popular person, it appears that she is not active on social media. You will not be able to find the personal Instagram account on Lakeisha Graham. There are few profiles, but none of them are verified. As a result, it is possible to conclude that Lakeisha Graham is not active on social media at all. She is not there on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.


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