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Who is Madison Alworth? Age, Height, Family Career & Net Worth!

Madison Alworth is one of the most prominent American journalists that you can see out there as of now. She is currently working as a public journalist for Fox Business Network. Before that, she worked as a journalist for numerous media organizations around the country as well. She could successfully complete all her endeavors in those media organizations. It contributed a lot towards her reputation as a successful journalist as well. Continue to read and you will be able to learn more about Madison Alworth age and other important details.

What is Madison Alworth age?

Madison Alworth was born on 20th March 1992. As of now, she is 30 years old. New Jersey was her place of birth. From childhood, she was interested in journalism. However, specific information on how she spent her childhood are not available on the internet. It appears that she prefers to keep it as a personal matter to her. This is the main reason why we don’t see any information about her parents as well. Moreover, we are not too sure whether she has any siblings or not.

Madison Alworth height

The approximate height of Madison Alworth is 5 feet and 6 inches. She has an average built body as well. She delivers a stunning and an appealing personality, which has even contributed a lot towards her career as a journalist.

Madison Alworth family

As mentioned earlier, specific information about the family of Madison Alworth are not available publicly. However, we can see her sharing some photos with family members on social media. For example, there’s a post uploaded to her personal Instagram account in July 2022, where she was celebrating a get together with the family. In this photo, all her immediate family members could be seen, along with few other relatives.

Madison Alworth is currently married. However, information about her husband are not available on the internet. It appears that she prefers to keep that in private as well.

Childhood of Madison Alworth and Education

Even though childhood information of Madison Alworth is not available, she was able to get into the Yale University and pursue her degree in Journalism. At this time, she wanted to get into a career in a radio network. In the meantime, she could feature in a program titled “Your World with Neil Cavuto” as well. This program was telecasted on the Fox News Channel program. She was the production assistant of this program from June to August in 2013.

In September 2013, she was able to find a new job in YTV. She continued with that job until September 2014. Her passion towards thriving in the media industry eventually helped her to feature a news editor, news reporter, and even as a news anchor for the Yale Daily News.

During the times that she spent studying at the Yale University, she was able to become a campus tour guide as well. This was a job that Madison Alworth loved to do. Therefore, she continued to serve as a campus tour guide for three long years. After graduation, Madison Alworth was able to get into NBC. This is where she was able to start working as a news associate. After some time, she was promoted to a researcher in NBC News.

The career of Madison Alworth

As of now, Madison Alworth is working as an American news correspondent. She is also one of the most reputed journalists. Throughout the past few years, Madison Alworth worked as a news anchor and a news reporter for numerous television networks. They include The Yale Daily News and WTSP-TV as well.

After her employment period at NBC News, Madison Alworth joined Cheddar Inc. news network. This is where she got a new job opportunity as a writer and a producer. While working for Cheddar, she could also contribute towards the broadcasting as an on-air reporter. This is where she could deliver live news updates with related to the most recent events.

By the year 2018, Madison Alworth was able to secure a new job at the WTSP-TV. As a result, she had to move to St. Petersburg, Florida. This is where she enjoyed working as a news anchor and a news reporter.

Madison Alworth did a perfect job during the middle of COVID-19 outbreak as a journalist. In the meantime, she also played a major role by covering news when the racial tensions were taking place all around the country. There was a time where she was seen every day for “Breaking Financial News of the Day” program.

After completing all these successful ventures, Madison Alworth started working for Fox Business Network earlier in 2022. As of now, she is based in the New York City.

Madison Alworth salary and net worth

The successful ventures that Madison Alworth had as a journalist helped her to achieve financial success without any major challenges. She has been working in the media industry for quite a few years now. Along with her experience, she is earning quite a good salary as of now. Even though Madison Alworth has not stated exact figures, we can assume that she is making somewhere around $150k to $200k per year.

It is also worth to take a look at Madison Alworth net worth. Based on the predictions, it is believed that the net worth of Madison Alworth is around $1 million. When you compare this with Madison Alworth age, you will notice that she is a highly successful individual.

Social media presence of Madison Alworth

Madison Alworth is quite active on social media networks. Her official profiles are available on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. When you follow these profiles, you will see how she is updating them regularly. When there is a trending news, she doesn’t forget to go ahead and update her social media followers with it. Therefore, we can call Madison Alworth as a very engaging journalist on social media as well. This will further contribute towards her popularity and success as a journalist in the country. Go ahead and check out the social media profiles of Madison Alworth, and you will see it for yourself.

Social Media

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/madisonalworth/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/MadisonAlworthWTSP

Twitter : https://twitter.com/madisonalworth


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